The first anarchist congress in Warsaw

Often we can see a rise in the opinion that the anarchist idea is going through a crisis.
A large proportion of circles that speak of the freedom of an individual, of his right to self-realization, and about the equal and fair division of economical goods among each other, have become lazy and unable to use their full potential. The drop in the activity of freedom fighters is even more visible, as far-right organizations grow in power and popularity. Is this the beginning of the end for anarchism?

A lack of belief in our own strength, which seems to be something normal among anarchists in the XXI century, combined with the inability to agree on the course of action which would bind the movement, makes a lot of people feel that the anarchist way of thought is simplistic and lacking in intelligence. This leads to many people turning towards ideologues that are meant to enslave (fascism, nationalism, and totalitarian communism) as well as making many feel hopeless in the fight with the unfair economics and politics of today’s world.

Kongresono, the first anarchist congress in Warsaw, sets as its goal changing this situation. Accomplishing such a task will be done in two different ways. The first one is a discussion of anarchist organizations as well as free-thinking individuals. Such a project, although called a “congress”, will not look as one of the bland ones done at a university, as – aside from a few short essays which will be presented, and the discussions tied with them – we accept and encourage any form of both intellectual and/or artistic expression.

The second part of Kongresono is a brain storm, the purpose of which is to create intellectual basics for the idea of anarchism to build and develop on. Moreover, this will give us a way to voice our opinion, as one group and not a bunch of unconnected individuals, on the many situations on our planet. Such an action will protect the most fundamental ideas of the movement yet protect it from becoming difficult to change, and from becoming irrelevant to the modern era. We will try to solve such questions as: What are we trying to accomplish with the idea of freedom? Who and what are our enemies? What kind of freedom can we speak of in this era of repressions and government? How are we, both the people and fighters for freedom, being oppressed in the XXI c?

We invite everyone to send in their own essays and voice their opinions in the conversations.


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